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Limo Mobile App Launch

New Limo Mobile App created by AppSolute Success designed for the on the go traveler.

Bartons limo mobile appNow you can request a ride from a qualified Barton’s Limousine driver on the go. Their brand new mobile app, Barton’s Limo is now available for both iPhone and Android devices. With car service competition such as Uber and Lyft, Barton’s Limo mobile app is geared toward those who value the service and class that a limo service offers with ease.

Are you getting ready to travel and want to know the status of your flight or the weather of your destination?  No problem, open the app and view the Check Flight & Weather Conditions tab.  Do you want to know how much tip you need to leave quickly?  Just open the app and select the Tip Calculator tab to give you the tip total. It’s just that easy!

The free limo mobile app is packed with time saving features to help you travel smarter and classier.  When you download the app today you can start saving immediately with 4 Reward offers you can choose from.


  1. Prom Special
  2. Bridal Special
  3. Winery / Brew Tours
  4. Personal Travel offer


  • One touch calling, directions, email, & website
  • Reserve in App
  • Pay in App
  • Check Flight & Weather Conditions
  • View Business Services
  • Social Media
  • Tip Calculator

Check out our limo mobile app for Barton’s Limo Service in your app store today!

Download the Bartons Limo app today and get a glimpse of what your app could look like. AppSolute Success not only creates mobile apps for a variety of industries but websites as well.

Looking to have a limo mobile app created for your limousine company? Contact AppSolute Success today to discuss the business venture that will have everyone talking.

bartons mobile app

SAS Home Improvements

Website Design

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Website Design with Stunning Results

A great website design can make or break you? Our web design company specializes in WordPress web design, development and theme customizations.

We have experience developing corporate websites, online stores (e-commerce sites), blogs, local business websites, community and review sites. Whether you are looking for customization on your existing WordPress site or you are looking for a new website to be developed in WordPress, we can help.

Check out our new website featuring all of our services we have to offer at AppSolute Success. Call us today to get started.

HairEffex App

Does Your Business Need a MOBILE App?

MOBILE APPS Made for your Business

Smartphones and other mobile devices are staples in today’s culture. Mobile optimization for websites is arguably becoming one of the most important things for a company to implement in order to increase customer engagements and sales. With mobile-optimized websites and mobile marketing, having a mobile application is easily finding a place on the list of company must-haves.

apps phones

In the past year, smartphones showed the strongest sales growth in the mobile market. Alongside the surge of smartphones, mobile apps are already significant for consumer engagement. Companies should have a mobile application in order to promote their product or brand in the palm of consumers’ hands for a number of reasons.

  1. Mobile devices are pervasive. Keeping in mind the ubiquity of smartphones, eventually most everyone will have access to mobile apps. In fact, over 300,000 mobile apps have been developed in the past three years and the forecast for app development is only expected to increase. In turn, businesses will need to make their presence in the mobile marketplace known. In fact, in coming years it will be of no surprise that it is crucial for a company to have a mobile application because of the prevalence of smartphones.
  2. Mobile devices are personal. The user experience of a mobile app is reason alone for companies to consider developing their own application. Because people automatically consider their mobile phone to be a key personal possession, apps become part of that personal element. Therefore, apps tend to offer more a personal experience that engages a consumer more than a simple website. Smartphones and mobile devices are more personal and the proximity is perfect for companies.
  3. Mobile devices offer perfect proximity. As mentioned earlier, mobile phones and smartphones are a daily engagement. It wouldn’t been too far off to assume most people keep their cell phone within arm’s reach at all times, including while sleeping. Having a mobile app provides continual opportunity for companies and their brand to be at consumer fingertips at a moment’s notice. Being so close to consumers is certainly the type of advantage a mobile app presents.

Having an app presence in an app store or marketplace is a big deal as well. Unlike the Internet, an app store is used for one specific purpose—to sell. Before companies become too concerned with mobile application competition, consider this: standing out among 500,000 apps is actually easier than maintaining an online presence among millions.

Perhaps there is still a long way to go before every company learns the benefits of having a mobile application, but it won’t be long until it becomes a standard business practice.